Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Former GDR Public Library item acquired in 1990 - Wanda Jackson in Prague, CZ, 1987

Whereas "Country Music made in GDR" (see my two previous posts) was rather "lame" and somewhat "fake", other Warsaw Pact countries seemed to be more interested in "the real McCoy" -- as far back as 1978, Johnny Cash and his family entourage performed in Prague (documented by a Czech TV broadcast and a Supraphon album with parts of his performance) and other American artists like George Hamilton IV or Wanda Jackson recorded studio albums with Czech musicians for the state-owned Supraphon label.

Back in 1990, books and records from GDR public libraries appeared on (West) German fleamarkets, and I was able to acquire a few interesting Warsaw Pact items, like a 1987 studio album by Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson paired with Czech artist Karel Zich
("Let's Have A Party In Prague", Supraphon 11 0199-1311ZB).

Download from my companion blog
(48 MB zipped mp3 including partial scans of cover)