Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Grand Ole Opry, Dec 1939, with unissued Uncle Dave Macon tracks

An oldtime country radio show from my collection
- 128 kbps VBR mono mp3 file, complete info in ID3 tag:

Grand Ole Opry Radio Show 
(prob. incomplete, 15:23)
Sponsor: Prince Albert Smoking Tobacco
MC: George D. Hay 

Radio Station WSM / NBC Network

War Memorial Auditorium

Nashville, TN, December 1939.

01. Uncle Dave Macon
- Lonesome Road Blues
02. Roy Acuff - Sally Goodin'
03. Ford Rush
- Swing The Ladies
04. Roy Acuff
- Beautiful Brown Eyes
05. Uncle Dave Macon
- Something's Always Sure To Tickle Me
06. Roy Acuff - Gray Bonnet
07. David Stone - Prince Albert Commercial
08. Roy Acuff - Little Liza Jane

The Uncle Dave Macon tracks from this particular show are NOT included in Bear Family Records' allegedly "complete" Uncle Dave Macon box-set nor in the discography by Ralph Rinzler, Norm Cohen and Tony Russell from that set.

DOWNLOAD (14 MB Mono mp3)

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