Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Folk Archivist (and Arlo Guthrie)


Arlo Guthrie's Official Taping Policy 
"Arlo has often allowed recording by amateurs at venues when and  where it is not forbidden or regulated or conflicts in any way with the  usual way things are done. If you are unsure if a venue allows taping,  contact the venue before the show.  Sales of these recorded materials is  forbidden and it is intended only for fans to trade and share. Fees to  cover postage and/or cost of blank media are acceptable....

If you are creating cover art, please respect the rights of the  artists/photographer and ask for their permission before using an image.  Most will allow use as long as they are credited and/or for a copy of  the show it is being used for."

I'm rather proud of this compilation I did back in 2007 (or so), as it continues being shared on several Bittorrent sites each Thanksgiving!

stewART created some tasteful artwork (included).

Four (less common) versions 
of "Alice's Restaurant" (1966-1984):
01 Gerde's Folk City, New York, NY, 1966 (exact date unknown) -- early pre-draft prototype version (FM?) (13:33)

02 The Bob Fass Show - WBAI-FM, New York, NY, Feb 27, 1966 (or 1967) -- slightly cut at end (FM) (18:04) 

03 The Bob Fass Show - WBAI-FM, New York, NY, May 1967: "Alice's Restaurant Multi-Colored Rainbow Roach Affair" (FM)

(Piano-backed version) (13:36) (24:05)

04 Longbranch Park, Liverpool, NY, July 15, 1984 -- lots of improvised lyrics (audience) (24:05)

Lineage: flac files from different torrents/trackers->wav (normalised)->Flac Front end (Level 8, align on sector boundaries) 

This is uploaded as a multi-part rar-file - to  extract and combine parts, you'll need ALL PARTS and a program like WinRar, WinZip or 7Zip.

Once extracted/combined, you can verify file integrity  with enclosed md5- or ffp-file and convert the FLAC-files to  wav-files  (for  burning as audio  CDs) with  software like Trader's  Little Helper  or other tools for your specific OS.

PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (95 MB)
PART 4 (88 MB)


Support the artist by attending his  concerts 
and purchasing  his official releases.
ENJOY and always remember:
"If you want to end war and stuff you got to sing loud...."

April 6, 2006 ... Arlo Guthrie on "Alice" at forty, and a brief talk about the world.

Arlo Guthrie, Remembering 'Alice's Restaurant' (Nov 26, 2005)

A Tribute to Officer Obie


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