Donnerstag, 18. November 2010

The (Original) Carter Family - 1936 Radio Transcriptions (16 tracks)

These Carter Family Radio Transcriptions, recorded in New York, NY, for The Associated Recorded Program Service on June 10, 1936, have been posted before (as a vinyl rip of the Old Homestead release) at Lonesome Lefty's Scratchy Attic.  

My upload is CD-sourced, but virtually identical (track sequence differs, and most tracks are slightly longer -- possibly because of speed adjustments).

About half of the sides were versions of recent Decca recordings (virtually identical to the commercial versions), while the remaining tracks were new recordings of older tracks, sometimes with interesting changes.

New York, NY, June 10, 1936 
01 Carter Family, The - No Depression In Heaven                                                
02 Carter Family, The - My Native Home                                                         
03 Carter Family, The - Jealous Hearted Me                                                     
04 Carter Family, The - A Distant Land To Roam                                                 
05 Carter Family, The - I'm Working On A Building                                              
06 Carter Family, The - East Virginia Blues, No. 2                                             
07 Carter Family, The - My Dixie Darling                                                       
08 Carter Family, The - Keep On The Sunny Side                                                 
09 Carter Family, The - Kissing Is A Crime                                                     
10 Carter Family, The - Single Girl, Married Girl                                              
11 Carter Family, The - Little Darling Pal Of Mine                                             
12 Carter Family, The - Lonesome Valley                                                        
13 Carter Family, The - Cannon Ball Blues                                                      
14 Carter Family, The - Happy Or Lonesome                                                      
15 Carter Family, The - Are You Lonesome Tonight3                                               
16 Carter Family, The - Just Another Broken Heart


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