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Sam McGee, 1926 Sessions with Uncle Dave Macon (18 tracks)

I first heard Sam McGee in the early 1970s on the excellent Arhoolie album "Grand Dad of the Country Guitar Pickers" featuring 1969/1970 recordings and became fascinated by his style of picking.

Over the years, I've been collecting whatever I could find of this guitarist, solo, as guitarist for Uncle Dave Macon, and with his brother Kirk McGee and fiddler Arthur Smith.

Here are Sam McGee's earliest sides, both solo and with Uncle Dave Macon, recorded in New York, NY, April 1926.

New York, NY, April 14, 1926
01 Uncle Dave Macon - Rise When the Rooster Crows                                              
02 Uncle Dave Macon - Way Down the Old Plank Road                                              
03 Uncle Dave Macon - The Bible's True                                                         
04 Uncle Dave Macon - He Won the Heart of My Sarah Jane                                        
05 Uncle Dave Macon - Last Last Night When My Willie Came Home                                 
06 Uncle Dave Macon - I've Got the Mourning Blues                                              
07 Uncle Dave Macon - Death of John Henry (Steel Driving Man)                                  
08 Uncle Dave Macon - On the Dixie Bee Line (In That Henry Ford of Mine)                       
09 Sam McGee - Buck Dancer's Choice                                                            
10 Sam McGee - The Franklin Blues              

New York, NY, April 16, 1926
01 Uncle Dave Macon - Whoop' Em Up Cindy                                                      
02 Uncle Dave Macon - Only as Far as the Gate Dear Ma                                          
03 Uncle Dave Macon - Just Tell Them That You Saw Me                                           
04 Uncle Dave Macon - Poor Sinners, Fare You Well                                              

New York, NY, April 17, 1926
01 Uncle Dave Macon - Old Ties                                                                 
02 Sam McGee - In A Cool Shady Nook                                                            
03 Sam McGee - If I Could Only Blot Out The Past                                               
04 Sam McGee - Knoxville Blues                                                                 


- liner notes

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(at Allen's Archive of Early & Old Country Music)  

Kirk McGee - Mister Kirk (ibid.)

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