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The (Original) Carter Family - 1930-'34 Recordings (85 tracks)

Memphis, TN, May 24, 1930 (16.74 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - The Cannonball                                                         
Carter Family, The - The Lover's Farewell                                                   
Carter Family, The - There's Someone Awaiting for Me                                        
Carter Family, The - The Little Log Hut in the Lane                                         
Carter Family, The - When the Springtime Comes Again                                       
Carter Family, The - When the World's on Fire                                               
Carter Family, The - I Have an Aged Mother                                                  
Carter Family, The - The Dying Soldier                                                      
Carter Family, The - Worried Man Blues

Memphis, TN, November 24, 1930 (5.34 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Lonesome Valley                                                       
Carter Family, The - On the Rock Where Moses Stood                                         
Carter Family, The - Room in Heaven for Me  

Memphis, TN, November 25, 1930 (12.89 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Lonesome Pine Special                                                  
Carter Family, The - No More the Moon Shines on Lorena                                      
Carter Family, The - On My Way to Canaan's Land                                             
Carter Family, The - Where Shall I Be                                                      
Carter Family, The - Sow 'Em on the Mountain                                                
Carter Family, The - Darling Nellie Across the Sea                                          
Carter Family, The - The Birds Were Singing of You                                         

Charlotte, NC, May 25, 1931 (8.88 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Weary Prodigal Son                                                     
Carter Family, The - My Old Cottage Home                                                    
Carter Family, The - When I'm Gone                                                          
Carter Family, The - Sunshine in the Mountain                                               
Carter Family, The - Let the Church Roll On                                                 

Charlotte, NC, May 26, 1931 (3.56 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Lonesome for You                                                       
Carter Family, The - Can't Feel at Home   


Louisville, KY, June 10, 1931 (Jimmie Rodgers/Sara Carter duets) 
(3.83 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Why There's a Tear in My Eye
Carter Family, The - Why There's a Tear in My Eye  (alt. take) - OMITTED                            
Carter Family, The - The Wonderful City

Louisville, KY, June 10, 1931 (Jimmie Rodgers/Carter Family) (4.34 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family (alt. take) - OMITTED
Carter Family, The - Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family                                
Carter Family, The - The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas

Atlanta, GA, February 23, 1932 (7.51 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - 'Mid the Green Fields of Virginia
Carter Family, The - Happiest Days of All                                                  
Carter Family, The - Picture on the Wall                                                    
Carter Family, The - Amber Tresses

Atlanta, GA, February 24, 1932 (7.37 MB MONO mp3)                                                          

Carter Family, The - I Never Loved But One                                                  
Carter Family, The - Tell Me That You Loved Me                                              
Carter Family, The - Where We'll Never Grow Old                                             
Carter Family, The - We Will March Through the Streets of the City

Camden, NJ, October 12, 1932 (11.6 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Sweet as the Flowers in May Time                                       
Carter Family, The - Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven                                         
Carter Family, The - My Little Home in Tennessee                                            
Carter Family, The - The Sun of the Soul                                                   
Carter Family, The - If One Won't Another One Will                                          
Carter Family, The - The Broken Hearted Lover

Camden, NJ, October 13, 1932 (9.35 MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Two Sweethearts                                                        
Carter Family, The - The Winding Stream                                                    
Carter Family, The - I Wouldn't Mind Dying                                                  
Carter Family, The - The Spirit of Love Watches Over Me                                     
Carter Family, The - The Church in the Wildwood                                             

Camden, NJ, June 17,  1933 (20 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Give Me Roses While I Live                                             
Carter Family, The - I Never Will Marry                                                     
Carter Family, The - On the Sea of Galilee                                                  
Carter Family, The - Home by the Sea                                                        
Carter Family, The - When the Roses Come Again                                              
Carter Family, The - I Loved You Better Than You Knew                                       
Carter Family, The - This Is Like Heaven to Me                                              
Carter Family, The - See That My Grave Is Kept Green3                                        
Carter Family, The - Over the Garden Wall                                                   
Carter Family, The - Gold Watch and Chain                                                   
Carter Family, The - School House on the Hill - OMITTED
Carter Family, The - Will My Mother Know Me There                            
Carter Family, The - Faded Flowers - OMITTED                                          
Carter Family, The - Poor Little Orphaned Boy - OMITTED                                             

Camden, NJ, May 08, 1934 (24 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - On a Hill Lone and Gray                                               
Carter Family, The - Cowboy Jack                                                            
Carter Family, The - I'll Be All Smiles Tonight                                             
Carter Family, The - Away Out on Saint Sabbath                                              
Carter Family, The - Darling Little Joe - OMITTED                        
Carter Family, The - Happy or Lonesome                                                      
Carter Family, The - One Little Word                                                        
Carter Family, The - Darling Daisies                                                       
Carter Family, The - The East Virginia Blues                                               
Carter Family, The - Lover's Return                                                         
Carter Family, The - It'll Aggravate Your Soul                                              
Carter Family, The - Hello Central, Give Me Heaven                                          
Carter Family, The - I'm Working on a Building                                              
Carter Family, The - You've Been Fooling Me, Baby                                           

Camden, NJ, December 11, 1934 (21 MB MONO mp3)

Carter Family, The - Longing for Old Virginia                                
Carter Family, The - March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away                               
Carter Family, The - There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy                                             
Carter Family, The - Home in Tennessee - OMITTED                                              
Carter Family, The - Are You Tired of Me, My Darling                                        
Carter Family, The - I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart  - OMITTED                                           
Carter Family, The - My Heart's Tonight in Texas                                            
Carter Family, The - There's No Hiding Place Down Here                                      
Carter Family, The - Cowboy's Wild Song to His Herd.mp3     
Carter Family, The - The Evening Bells Are Ringing                                          
Carter Family, The - The Mountains of Tennessee                                             
Carter Family, The - I'll Be Home Someday                                                   
Carter Family, The - Faded Coat of Blue                                                     
Carter Family, The - Sailor Boy

BECAUSE OF THEIR COPYRIGHTED STATUS (first release in 1960s or later).


THE JSP Box-Sets (like this blog) only contain the tracks which are Public Domain in the U.K. and other EU countries.

The Carter Family - A Comprehensive Discography

Carter Family Page - A Fairly Complete Collection of Their Songs 
(lyrics, occasionally with chords and/or audio files) 

Songs of The Carter Family (another lyrics site)  

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